Yard - Cam - The Backyard Web Cam

The Backyard Web Cam

web cam control screen 

The Yard-Cam is fully controllable using zoom, pan and tilt controls,
but it only works with Internet Explorer 6 and above

The address will change periodically, because I don't have a static IP.
I will update this link when necessary:

username: yard
password: yard

Configuring Internet Explorer

hummingbird close-up

If no image appears on your web browser (Internet Explorer),
follow these steps to enable and install ActiveX.

Step 1 - Open Internet Explorer and got to Tools > Internet Options.

ActiveX config image 1

Step 2 - Select the Security tab and click on Custom Level.

ActiveX config image 2

Step 3 - Verify that the following settings are selected:

Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls: Enable

ActiveX config image 3a

Download signed ActiveX controls: Prompt

ActiveX config image 3b

Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Enable

Click OK when done

ActiveX config image 3c

Step 4 - Reload the web page

Step 5 - Click on the ActiveX Control prompt

ActiveX config image 4

Step 6 - Select Install ActiveX Control

ActiveX config image 5

Step 7 - Click on Install to install the ActiveX Control

ActiveX config image 6

Step 8 - After the ActiveX Control is installed you should see the live video on
Internet Explorer. If not, try reloading the page, or double-check the settings

The video from the Yard-cam is usually very smooth, 
but sometimes it can be choppy and sometimes you can't
connect to it at all, due to network problems etc. 

Webcam sample image 2      


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